Sharon and Shirley have been singing together for many years. They first met while Shirley was musical director of a local Bridport choir.

About 4 years ago they decided to write and perform their own songs and “Shiraz” was born they haven’t looked back since.

Shirley usually plays a guitar accompaniment, but she is also a talented piano player and percussionist.

Sharon gets by on the violin and has been known to play the shaky egg.

Most of their songs are written about aspects of life and sung in harmony. Each word is important so the two voices blend perfectly for the listener to hear the story in each song.

Shiraz also sing covers, which Shirley arranges for their particular style.

She will arrange any song for a particular event if asked to, this has proved popular for weddings and no song has phased her yet!

The duo perform at many varied events from weddings and private parties to festivals and even the local “guitars on the beach” event at Lyme Regis